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Identifying Opportunities, Creating Value, Increasing Revenue

Welcome to Mill Square Group. Our team harnesses wide-ranging experiences to create a collective arsenal of marketing, strategy, and general business skills. We help clients successfully create value and increase revenue from new and emerging customer segments. We are hands-on with our clients and we help implement solutions as business partners, colleagues, and friends.

Serious about our work, we are not serious about ourselves. We enjoy working with each other and with our clients, believing a sense of fun and good humor underlies the best brainstorming and innovation. It is this unique spirit we bring to every marketing and business challenge.

Our commitment is to positive and lasting change for every client. We invite you to learn more about our dynamic team and client experiences.

We offer:

  • Segment Marketing

    Segment marketing refers to the art of reaching specific, targeted groups and communicating with them on consistent basis with a resonating brand message. Customer segments we have successfully tapped for our clients include affluent, women, youth, and multicultural. Our clients appreciate how we use their existing assets and resources to cost-effectively reach new market segments.
  • CRM / Customer Loyalty Building Platforms

    Identifying core customers and cultivating their ongoing loyalty is a “must” in business today. Collecting and analyzing data is only one step in the continuum on building a CRM program. Whether you are creating a CRM program for the first time or enhancing your existing model, we are partners who can bring measurable results.
  • Customer Insights

    We apply a fresh lens and innovative ideas to better understand your customers. Whether using Customer Advisory Boards, online surveys or focus groups, we understand the importance of consumer connections. We specialize in bringing you a deep understanding of your customers’ experience, including assessment, research design, implementation, and analysis.


With this wealth of knowledge and client experience, our Mill Square team proudly launches Our Club, an innovative, state-of-the art, online customer loyalty program.



Our Club is an exclusive on-line buying, social networking and brand communications platform targeted to affluent consumers via their affinity groups. We have created a unique bond between well-established affinity groups, premier brand partners, and the affluent consumers. Our Club capitalizes on the existing, engaged relationship affinity groups have with their members.